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Do you want to promote your event or to announce your coursing litter? This is the place to be.

Banners are shown at least in 25% of page views. We have 2 banner areas:

  1. Ahead the leaderbord, 728 x 90px
  2. On the right side the skycraper, 160 x 600px

The minimum requirement of booking is one month. One banner costs € 12,- per month (incl. taxes). So it's very simple to calculate for you: f.e. if you want to promote your litter for 2 months it costs € 24,-.

Full payment in advance has do be done via PayPal. PayPal offers you payment with PayPal, credit card or banktransfer. Your payment data is only safed by PayPal never by us.

If you need a banner we can produce one for you. It costs only only € 15,-(incl. taxes) extra. Please send us some logo, pictures and text if we should produce your banner.

People visiting this site are very familiar with coursing, so there is no need to catch them with an overload of effects - they will take your informations because they are interested in - just as you are :-).

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 Your banner  Leaderboard 728x90 px   Skycraper 160x600 px
€ 12,- each banner/month

Create the banner for only € 15,-
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